Century Bob Body Opponent Bag

Century Bob is a lifelike and life-size opponent body style punch bag that offers a very realistic training opponent for practising self defense moves and punching and kicking combinations.

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Realistic Opponent

Century Bob Xl has a full size torso which gives a large kicking and punching target to aim at. The perfect simulation for fighting a large opponent. You won’t find a more realistic sparring partner anywhere else online. Practice your sparring techniques and target training against this body shaped Mannequin.

A great workout at the end of a hard day.

Are those work colleagues getting you down each day?
Imagine that BOB is one of your colleagues or employees and give him a good beating at the end of that stressful day. This is certainly the cheapest and healthiest way of blowing off some steam.

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century bob body opponent
  • Lifelike training opponent.
  • Height adjustable from 60″ to 78″
  • Hi strength plastisol skin.
  • Base is to be filled with Sand for stability (not supplied).
  • 1 year warranty.

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