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As well as the standard punchbag range from great names such as Everlast and Lonsdale, we will also highlight great deals on the more specialised boxing equipment items such as the famous electronic Slam Man (or Slamman as it sometimes referred to) and the Century Bob Body opponent bag.

All of the equipment we feature is suitable for training for a wide range of fighting sports including: Thai Boxing or Muay Thai to give its correct term, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Jeet Kune Do and many other disciplines. We regularly search the Internet to bring you the best value deals that don’t compromise on quality. As we all know, when it comes to buying sports equipment that is going to take a battering such as punchbags, it is not always just a question of price but a matter of quality as well. Please check back regularly as we will update this site with the latest fighting sport bargains.

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Boxing training is one of the best ways to get fit and stay fit. In every boxing gym you will see a heavy punch bag, a punch bag is an essential part of a boxer’s training programme to build stamina, develop punching power and practice combinations.
Punch bags come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. The most common punch bags are the straight ones, these are available in sizes from 3ft – 5ft, they are perfect for practicing straight punches and hooks.Kickboxing gyms prefer the 5ft long straight bags, they are perfect for practicing punches and elbow strikes also knee strikes, low kicks and high level kicks.
The angled punch bag has a much wider top and is tapered; this bag is useful for practicing the uppercut and advanced combinations.
Leather punch bags might cost more but they are heavy duty and built to take a pounding, quality leather punch bags usually have an inner foam jacket for a more responsive feel and are kinder to your hands and wrist, also they tend to be machine filled to give greater shock absorption, you will find leather punch bags in most boxing gyms.
Punch bags made from PU, canvas or vinyl are perfect for home use and fitness gyms, they usually come with a soft rag filling to be easier on your hands and wrists.
When using punch bags, always wear good quality hand wraps and gloves. Remember to punch the bag and not push it, work on your combinations both head height and to the body, keep on your toes and move around the bag.

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